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Academic Accommodation Procedures

Student and staff member working together

The Student Success Center (SSC) is committed to providing an equitable and inclusive learning environment for all Providence College students. As part of this commitment, the SSC provides reasonable academic accommodations and works to remove any barriers that may impede equal access to the College’s educational programs.

Any Providence College student (Undergraduate, Graduate, School of Continuing Education, etc.) with a disability is entitled to reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Disabilities may include, but are not limited to, learning, ADHD, chronic illness, medical, physical, visual, hearing, and mental health. Academic accommodations are determined through a process that is both interactive and supportive.

1. Student Self Discloses Disability 

Students must disclose a disability before any academic accommodations can be approved or provided. The disclosure process begins when students complete our Application for Academic Accommodations. Students who complete the application will be contacted by the SSC to discuss next steps within 48 business hours.

2. Student Provides Documentation of Disability

Along with our Application for Academic Accommodations, students must provide documentation which supports the need for specific accommodations. The documentation may include neuropsychological testing, medical reports, or clinical reports. Documentation should be no more than three years old. For more information, please review our Disability Documentation Guidelines.

3. Student Meets with SSC

After appropriate information is submitted, the SSC will reach out to request a meeting to review the student’s academic accommodation requests. The student will have the opportunity to discuss their diagnosis, how it impacts them, the academic barriers they experience, and how specific accommodations will provide access.

4. Academic Accommodations Approval 

The SSC will review all documentation and supporting information of a student’s disability. Based on the information provided, the SSC will determine: 1) whether there is a disability that limits the student’s participation in the College’s educational programs, and 2) approvals for reasonable academic accommodations.

An academic accommodation plan is then designed with the student. The plan is reviewed and revised on a semesterly basis. In addition, some academic accommodations may not be reasonable in certain courses. In these cases, a team of faculty and staff may be involved in the review process to determine whether an accommodation is appropriate for a specific course.

Students must submit the Academic Accommodation Renewal Form at the beginning of each new semester to activate their approved academic accommodations. The SSC will create a Faculty Academic Accommodation Letter, and the student will be responsible for providing this to their faculty. Members of the faculty cannot provide any academic accommodation until they receive official notification from the SSC.

5. Request for Reconsideration

If the SSC determines a disability is not present and/or specific academic accommodations are not approved, the student may follow the Student Procedures for ADA/504 Grievance Resolution to request a reconsideration of their academic accommodations.

Students needing non-academic related accommodations (i.e. housing, dining) should also contact Student Development and Compliance. This department coordinates non-academic accessibility needs of Providence College students who qualify. For more information, visit the Student Development and Compliance webpage.