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Honorary Coach Program

In an effort to share the college student-athlete experience with the campus community, the Office of Academic Services, the Dean’s Office and the Athletic Department have developed the Honorary Coach Program for Faculty.

The Mission of the Honorary Coach Program for Faculty is to connect the athletic department with faculty as partners in the education and transformation of Providence College student-athletes. The program provides randomly selected faculty members an opportunity to witness first- hand the physical and intellectual demands of preparing for competition, as well as the teaching techniques that coaches employ to enhance performance and inculcate a spirit of healthy competition. Hosted by members of the student-athlete services staff, faculty members participate in pre-game preparation and get a close-up view of the action during the game.

Honorary Coaches for 2018-19:


Volleyball v. Butler on October 18, 2018


Women’s Soccer v. Seton Hall on October 21, 2018

Dr. Susan Skawinski, Associate Professor of Education and Dr. Christine Earley, Professor of Accountancy

Dr. Pam Sherer, Honoary Coach with Santa at Friars game

Bob Driscoll, Pam Sherer, Marissa Mezzanotte, and Kerry Rafanelli ’80 

What a terrific experience!  I enjoyed every minute of participating in The Honorary Coach Program.  The opportunity to attend practice, see the game films, hear Coach Cooley address the players, see the game up-close and participate in the half-time festivities will be remembered as a highlight of my time at PC.  Another major highlight was getting to meet you and learn of the amazing work you do with our student-athletes and with coordinating this unique program for faculty. Your extensive and thoughtful planning for my coaching experience is greatly appreciated.  You made all of my guests and me feel so welcomed and special.

 — Dr. Pam Sherer, Professor of Management

Men’s Soccer v. Georgetown on October 24, 2018

Dr. Terry McGoldrick, Associate Professor of Theology

January 25, 2017 – Providence College vs. St. John’s 

Dr. McGoldrick, Honary Coach at Friars game

Aiden McGoldrick, Terry McGoldrick, Theresa McGoldrick ’95, Brendan McGoldrick, and Marissa Mezzanotte

The program helped me as a faculty member to get a closer view and better understanding of the basketball program. Coach Cooley and his staff were very hospitable. It was nice to chat with you about the various players, it gave me an insight into their demands in a Division 1 sports team.  The family also enjoyed your hospitality at the game. My youngest even got a wave into his friends, who were watching on TV when we were being introduced at half time. I keep the autographed ball in my office as a reminder.

—Dr. Terrance McGoldrick, Associate Professor of Theology

Men’s Basketball

Dr. Megan Chang, Assistant Professor of Voice and Diction for PC v. Holy Cross on November 13, 2018

Dr. Vivian Okere, Professor of Finance for PC v. Xavier on January 16, 2019

Dr. Robin Greene, Associate Professor of History for PC v. Marquette on February 23, 2019

Dr. John Abbruzzese, Associate Professor of Philosophy for PC v. Butler on March 9, 2019


Dr. Ed Szado, Honoary Coach

Marissa Mezzanotte with Ed, Max and Noel Szado

What a fabulous experience! We all had an incredible time at the game. My son Max was in heaven. He couldn’t stop talking about the game. The behind the scenes experience with Coach Cooley and the players was very insightful. I have a new appreciation for the dedication and drive of our student athletes.  Thanks for everything!!!

—Dr. Ed Szado, Assistant Professor of Finance


Men’s Ice Hockey

Dr. Vivian Okere, Professor of Finance

Dr. Ted Andrews, Honoary Coach

Mary Andrews ’02, Will Andrews, Maggie Andrews and Ted Andrews ’01

This was an incredibly enriching experience, and I learned a lot about the time and energy that student athletes have committed to PC.  But what I found most inspiring was that the values that I try to instill in my students – the importance of hard work, preparation, and attention to detail – were the same ones emphasized by Ed Cooley and his coaching staff.  I now have a better appreciation for the rich education that our student athletes are receiving, both inside and beyond the classroom.

 —Dr. Ted Andrews, Associate Professor of History

Women’s Basketball v. DePaul on March 1, 2019

Dr. Wendy Oliver, Professor of Dance and Dr. Michael Shafer, Assistant Professor of Finance

February 25, 2017 – Providence College vs. Marquette

Prof. Kate Lohman, Honoary Coach

Marissa Mezzanotte, Paul Marsella, Kate Lohman, and Jack Marsella

Thanks so much for the great afternoon yesterday. WHAT A GAME! It was so wonderful to get a glimpse behind the scenes, and behind the bench. Please tell Coach Cooley and all his fellow coaches and staff that Paul, Jack and I appreciate their great warmth and generosity, and that – of course! – we’ll be rooting for the Friars the rest of the way!

—Professor Kate Lohman, Adjunct Professor, Theater, Dance and Film

Men’s Lacrosse v. Georgetown on April 6, 2019

Men’s and Women’s Track at Ocean State Meet on April 12, 2019



2015-2016 Honorary Coaches

  • PC vs. Harvard – Dr. William Bonney, Theology
  • PC vs. Boston College – Dr. Zophia Edwards, Sociology
  • PC vs. Seton Hall – Dr. Tobias Harper, History
  • PC vs. Butler – Dr. Colin King, Philosophy

2014-2015 Honorary Coaches

  • PC vs. Albany – Dr. Deirdre Snyder, Management
  • PC vs. University of Rhode Island – Ann Kelley, Accountancy
  • PC vs. Xavier – Dr. Ray Sickinger, History
  • PC vs. Villanova – Dr. James Keating, Theology
  • PC vs. Seton Hall – Dr. Maureen Outlaw, Sociology
  • PC vs. Marquette – Dr. Vance Morgan, Philosophy
  • PC vs. Butler – Dr. Margaret Reid, English