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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is one tutoring session?

  • 45 to 50 minutes long.

How far in advance should I make an appointment?

  • Keep in mind that there are no same day appointments!
  • Make your appointment as soon as you sense are need.  Certain subjects (like DWC) and certain times of the semester (before midterms) are busier than others. Appointments fill up quickly.

May I cancel my appointment?

  • Yes, but please do so 24 hours in advance so the time can be opened for another student.

Can I make a regular weekly appointment to go the entire semester?

  • Yes, but it must be arranged personally with the tutor after your second meeting.

What if I have a DWC essay? Should I go to the Writing Center or to the Tutoring Center?

  • It depends; if you want help understanding course content, we recommend the Tutoring Center.
  • If you are looking for help with composition elements such as thesis statements, essay structure, citations, grammar and fluidity, we recommend the Writing Center.

What if I did not make a strong connection with my tutor?

  • When you make your next appointment, simply ask to work with another tutor.

Can I bring my friends to my tutoring session if they are in the same class?

  • Yes, they are most welcome! When you all swipe in, just inform the tutor at the desk.

Can I bring my take home exam to do in our session?

  • No.  By policy, tutors may NOT help you with any assignment that will be graded — no homework, lab assignment or a take-home exams.

Can I make two appointments for the same week?

  • Yes, but not for the same subject twice.  You could conceivably come to us four times a week, once each for DWC, math, economics, and psychology.  Only in special circumstances, with approval of the Assistant Director for Tutorial Services, may you have two appointments for the same subject.

What if I only have one question?

  • Some departments have “drop-in hours” (math, computer science, accounting, physics), the perfect place to drop in with a question for clarification.  There is a link to Departmental Tutoring on the Tutoring Center’s home page.  This will give you the subjects and the open times.  Unless specified, we do not hold drop-in sessions.

What happens if there is no tutor available for my course request?

  • If the receptionist tells you there is no tutor available for a course because of high demand at that time, your name will be put on a waiting list that is sent to all tutors each evening.  If one of them can fit in an extra appointment, or has a late cancellation, that tutor will contact you and hope the timing will work.
  • If the receptionist tells you that we have no one to tutor a particular subject (perhaps a philosophy, a theology, a language), she will put your name and subject on the waiting list, and there may be a tutor who comes forward to offer help.  The receptionist will also tell the Assistant Director for Tutorial Services, who will do an outreach to tutors and hopefully secure help for you.  Of course, using the wisdom of your professor during an office visit is always your best resource.

What happens at the end of my session?

  • If you liked the experience, you should ask your tutor for the following week, and the tutor can make that for you. The tutor will direct you to one of the computers at the exit to complete the exit survey for us.
  • For our own assessment purposes, we ask that you fill out a short (40 seconds!) survey before you leave. This is your opportunity to tell us whether or not the tutor was helpful, with space to add constructive comments.

How can I apply to be a tutor?

  • There is an on-line application on our website, which can be completed and submitted for review by the Assistant Director for Tutorial Services. The Assistant Director will contact you upon receipt of your application.