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ESL Support

Students discussing course material

The Student Success Center offers support to PC students who are non-native English speakers by helping students navigate cultural and linguistic intricacies. Amori Washington, ESL/Academic Skills Specialist serves as a liaison with various campus partners to provide a holistic support network for non-native English speakers. 

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Through one-on-one instruction with our ESL Specialist, students can focus on improvement in the following areas:

Language and Communication

  • Strategies to assist in understanding Academic English
  • Active listening skills
  • Speaking skills, including clarity, fluidity and pronunciation
  • Writing skills, including grammar, mechanics, organization and writing style
  • Vocabulary building


  • U.S. college structure
  • Higher education expectations 

Students can choose to make single or recurring appointments. Those who make ongoing appointments will work with the ESL Specialist to determine goals for future sessions.

For more information please contact Amori Washington, ESL/Academic Skills Specialist or schedule an appointment