Faculty Support

Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Students who require academic accommodations for documented disabilities must register with the Office of Academic Services (O.A.S.). If a student has requested accommodations for your class, you will receive a formal letter of notification from our office. If you have any questions about accommodating or providing support for students with disabilities, please call 401.865.2494 or contact Jennifer Rivera, Assistant Director for Disability Services, at jrivera@providence.edu. Additional information regarding your role in providing support for students with disabilities can be found on our disability support pages and in our Disability Support Manual for Faculty.

Customized Skill Workshops

Members of the O.A.S. staff are available to build customized skill workshops for your courses. These workshops may be delivered either during or outside of class time. Topics may include, but are not limited to, time management, general study skills, and sessions that are tailored to specific writing assignments.  Requests for workshops should be submitted to oas@providence.edu at least two weeks in advance to ensure adequate time for consultation and preparation.

Student Referrals

Faculty members who are concerned about the progress of particular students may refer them to our office for academic mentoring and skill development. Through an approach that is highly individualized, O.A.S. staff members can help students build upon strengths and develop strategies to address areas of weakness. For more information, please call 401-865-2494 or contact Meghan Murray, Associate Director for Student Success and Retention, at mkiley@providence.edu.

Informational Sessions

Members of the O.A.S. staff are available to visit classes and provide an overview of our services. Faculty members may also elect to schedule a 10-15 minute tour of the O.A.S. for their students. In addition to learning about our programs, students will see first-hand where they can go for academic assistance. If you are interested in scheduling a class visit or a tour, please email your request to oas@providence.edu. Requests for informational sessions should be submitted at least two weeks in advance to ensure adequate time for preparation.

Oral Communication Support

To support faculty in their efforts to enhance students’ oral proficiency skills, the O.A.S has created the Speaking Fellows Program.  Speaking Fellows are peer tutors who work with students to improve the content, organization, and delivery of oral presentations before they are presented in class. For additional information, please refer to our program guidelines or contact Meghan Murray at mkiley@providence.edu.

Proctoring for Make-Up Exams

Students who miss exams for “serious and verifiable” reasons, as defined by College policy, may be eligible to make up those exams in the O.A.S. These students must first make every reasonable effort to coordinate makeups with professors. If a mutually convenient time cannot be arranged, and if the professor’s policy allows, students may request a make?up time in the O.A.S. Please see our Make-Up Exam Policy for further details.

Supporting Student-Athletes

The O.A.S. provides ongoing support for our intercollegiate student-athletes. Support includes the distribution of Progress Reports to the faculty approximately four weeks into each semester. We kindly ask that you fill out these reports and return them to our office. If you ever have a student-athlete who is experiencing academic difficulty, please call 401.865.2494 or contact Kaitlyn O’Malley, Assistant Director for Student-Athlete Services, at komalle5@providence.edu.

Writing Fellows Program

Writing Fellows are peer tutors who are assigned to work with students in a particular class on an ongoing basis.  Writing Fellows play an integral role in advancing and reinforcing the goals of writing across the curriculum. For additional information, please refer to our program guidelines or contact Will Toner, Assistant Director of the Writing Center, at wtoner@providence.edu.