Bryan Marinelli

AVP/Dean of Student Academic Success 


M.A., Higher Education, Boston College 
Ph.D., English, University of Rhode Island 

Hobbies and Interests 
Reading (particularly historical fiction); watching films and learning about film history; playing golf (but not watching it!); following the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, and the Boston Celtics; taking early evening walks on the beach with my family and my dog; sitting by an outdoor fire and listening to relaxing music; cobbling together a really great meal when there seems to be no food left in the house   

What I like most about working with students  
Those “Aha!” moments when something finally clicks or when students realize that they could do it all along; they just needed the right kind of encouragement or a gentle nudge.  I also like it when students take assignments and projects in new directions that I had not imagined.