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Writing Center Tutors

Our writing tutors come from many disciplinary backgrounds and share a genuine passion for writing. They are hired based on writing abilities, interpersonal skills, and faculty recommendations. New tutors complete a 30-hour training program during the first year of work, which prepares them to help students in all disciplines.

Writing Center Group Photo

2018-2019 Staff

Top: Nick Crenshaw, History; Nick Buckley, Economics; Sean Gray, History; Will Hartl, Philosophy
Second: Silvana Barbosa, Health Policy; Rachel Lynch, History; Matthew Bernard, Finance; John Birle, Economics
Third: Lyndsey Donahoe, Marketing; Shannon Moore, Spanish; Katerina Romneos, Management; Ella Gammons, Marketing
Fourth: Emily Keith, Art; Arriana Arroyo, Health Policy; Ysabelle Errico, Secondary Education; Caleigh Rockwal, Sociology
Fifth: Emily Sullivan, English; Carly Martino, English; Megan Stuart, Health Policy; Rylee Gillen, Biology; Victoria Rodriguez, Social Work
Bottom: Delaney Mayette, Sociology; Emili Castro, Political Science; Julia Zygiel, English; Andrea Traietti, History; Will Toner, Assoc. Dir.

Not Pictured: Miranda Guisti, GA; Briana Barns, English; Jackson Reis, Finance; Michaela Reddy, Marketing; Connor Zimmerman, History