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Make-Up Exam Proctoring

Students who miss exams for “serious and verifiable” reasons, as defined by College policy, may be eligible to make up those exams in the Office of Academic Services (OAS). Situations that qualify as “serious and verifiable” include: an extended absence due to a serious illness or injury, and extended absence due to the death of a family member, and an extended absence in which the student travels to represent the College in an official capacity.

Students who meet these requirements must first make every reasonable effort to coordinate makeups with their professors. If a mutually convenient make-up time cannot be arranged, and if the professor’s own policy permits, students may request a make-up time in the OAS. Please see our Make-Up Policy for further details.

Forms should be submitted by 4:30 pm at least 2 school days in advance of your testing day. Forms for Monday exams should be submitted by the preceding Thursday.

Exams must be started and completed between 8:30 and 4:30, Monday – Friday.

Make-Up Exam Proctoring

Effective Immediately-All cell phones, Apple watches, Fitbits and other electronic gadgets will be collected before exams start and returned upon completion of the exam. If you have one of these in your possession after your exam has begun, you will be asked to leave and your professor will be notified.